About Ryan Road Childcare & Swim School

It is a pleasure to welcome you to Ryan Road Childcare & Swim School. We hold a proud record of community service in local childcare and pride ourselves on our commitment to quality care.
We support a team of only the most dedicated carers who uphold the values of the centre and have demonstrated a high standard of vision, vitality & commitment.  Together we aim to provide a warm and welcoming environment, full of stimulating experiences and discoveries.
We recognise that constructive partnerships between parents & carers lie at the heart of quality care. Parents, carers & management must work together, sharing information and creating a program which is cultivated through productive, pro-active teamwork. We encourage parents to come into the centre at any time to participate or simply to observe children & staff at work and play.
Whilst aiming to provide a service of excellence at all times we acknowledge that our beliefs & philosophies are dynamic and will inevitably change as new insights are gained and practice is evaluated. We encourage all families to contribute to this ongoing process of quality improvement.
On behalf of our dedicated team, we welcome your enquiries and look forward to sharing your child’s early learning years together.

Mission Statement

"We recognise the integral role we play in shaping each child's future and we aim to provide "a better beginning" through our uncompromising principles and the constant pursuit of excellence."




Ryan Road Childcare & Swim School